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Winner of the 2022 Honolulu Stand Up Tournament and voted "Best Of The Fest" at the 2023 Rubber City Comedy Festival in Akron, Ohio


Zach Mama is a stand-up comedian, jazz drummer, documentary director and writer from Paris, France.

Born and raised in France, Zach initially moved to Philadelphia to pursue a career in jazz drumming.

After living in New York, New Orleans and later Hawai'i,

he began filming his journey as a comedian across all 50 states in a road documentary series in which he interviews comedians from various backgrounds about their respective journeys.

Among other things, he has featured for legendary comedian Tony Woods at the DC Improv, the DC Comedy Loft, the Comedy Mothership in Austin, Texas and performed in 22 different states thus far.

mic drop mania.JPG

Zach Mama at Mic Drop Mania , Chandler AZ

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